What about the pain of Childbirth?

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What about the pain?

The natural ‘pain’ of childbirth can feel excruciating.

If the woman has fear that she has repressed and is holding in her body as tension.

Hence a very large and important component of the HypnoBirthing Birth Education Course (and something not addressed by hospital courses) is assisting the woman (and her companions) with resolving and releasing birth fear and anxiety – before her labour begins!

So, if the family is prepared well with minimal fear and tension – then how does birth feel?

Currently in the field we search for a word to describe pain – that doesn’t “hurt” – but feels amazing.

I use the description: “Pane-azing”. (I would love to hear your ideas after you have birthed).

You will come to know that moments of ‘pane-azing’ during birth can be good – they bring your natural Endorphins (Opiods).

These great Opiods (which are more powerful and effective than morphine) replace the stress hormones that cause pain.

HypnoBirthing provides you with many tools to ensure that Opiods are at their maximum.

Warning: Hospital courses can increase fear and anxiety as they expose women to a huge array of medical ‘what ifs’. Yet – as many as 85-97% of women – have the ability to birth smoothly and remain low risk throughout!

If you wish to attend a hospital course it is highly recommended that you also attend a HypnoBirthing course to balance your mental preparation.

And, if you do not do a hospital course, then it is highly recommended that you go for a quick tour of the maternity rooms you will birth at, midwives are very welcoming and friendly and happy to show you around if turn up and ask nicely 🙂

Midwives know that women birth easier when they are welcomed and cared for lovingly.