The history behind HypnoBirthing

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The HypnoBirthing® History

Twenty five years ago, HypnoBirthing® founder Marie Mongan began educating and sharing this great program.

The content comes from: obstetricians, doctors, women, counsellors, scientists and master hypnotherapists.

The essential element?

That mistakes in history  have made childbirth a moment of anguish (for example burning women healers that the church called “witches” and the overuse of metal tools and disturbing drugs)

FACT: 85-97% of women are capable of smooth births – when fear is released, tension is released – pain can be released and the body can open.

Relaxation is the KEY (like when you are doing a poo! – you don’t want spectators!)

More than 10,000 happy couples in 45 countries of the world have had their lives changed for the better by HypnoBirthing.

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