FAQ HypnoBirthing

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Question: Do I have to do the pre-natal (antenatal) hospital course?

Answer: Many women choose courses such as HypnoBirthing® and calm birthing in conjunction with, or to replace, medical styled courses.

If you are lucky your hospital may already provide HypnoBirthing® The Mongan Method as their standard course. Ring and ask them!

HypnoBirthing covers all the topics from such courses as the “Parenting Education Service” at the Maternity Service at John Hunter and Belmont Hospitals, plus the added bonus of fun, guided relaxations and hypnotherapy!

HypnoBirthing also provides an atmosphere where all your questions can be asked, we are not shy to discuss poo fears, the link between orgasm and uterus contraction and many more topics that you might feel restricted asking in a hospital group setting!

Rather than anxiety provoking, medical procedures – HypnoBirthing®  prepares you with a positive mind set and the focus is on relaxation skills, preparing mental well being and relationship strengthening.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In Australia we have a modern, well equipped health system.Women may ask for medical assistance anytime they want it! You do not have to know all medical what ifs in advance. It is most likely you will be in the 85-97% of women that are able to have a smooth, uncomplicated birth.

Medical assistance in Australia is very available and easy to get.