Natural Miscarriage Support

Perhaps you have begun spot bleeding in your pregnancy and you are searching for “is this normal?”

Sometimes women do spot, or bleed during pregnancy and this can be a healthy, ongoing pregnancy.

If you are wanting to recognise what your particular circumstance might be, the best way to judge a naturally ending pregnancy is the drop in pregnancy hormones.

Have you noticed changes in your body that can indicate dropping hormone levels, such as:

* Lessening of pregnancy symptoms
* Nausea has lessened or gone and you are still in the first 12 weeks?
* Just feeling less ‘pregnant’
* Cramps accompanying spot bleeding?
* A new underarm/body odor scent that wasn’t there for the beginning period of your pregnancy
* A stronger, high, craving for higher iron foods eg red meat

It’s extremely sad contemplating the possible death of a child in utero. One positive can be when a woman’s body communicates it to her – this can be an empowering experience as she recognises and appreciates her body wisdom.

Often a woman is shocked to attend an ultrasound only to be told, sometimes with little bedside manner, that there is no heart beat.

If a woman tunes into what her body is telling her, she can begin to see that her body was communicating with her all along.

If a babies development is arrested, the body recognises this chemically and begins the healthy and normal process of cleansing the uterus, ready for the possibility of new life in the following months.

A miscarriage can become a powerful, natural experience for the woman (when she is not pushed into a D & C by a medical world that is always in a rush)

Miscarriage can be seen as a ceremonious rite of passage.  Part of the grieving and farewell to her child.

Often a natural miscarriage can be far more effective than a manual/medical D&C (which can often need repeating due to detained tissue).

Please call and chat if you are concerned you might be miscarrying. I am here to emotionally support all birth processes as part of my dedication to Birth Education in the Hunter.

There are options for natural miscarriage and depending how many weeks you are you may have numerous choices ahead.

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