HypnoBirthing the real deal!

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We all know NOT to buy the imitation rice bubbles – YUCK! They taste floury!

Well…  HypnoBirthing comes in all forms and creeds now too…

The good news is that all practitioners are caring and ‘certified’, but some of them got their certificates off.. you guessed it… a rice bubbles pack!

So be aware.

Be aware of your practitioners credentials, training and experience!

Be aware of the course you are being offered- do you really want it all crammed into a couple of days?

Do you want it squashed into a 2 hour session as a folder of notes?

Over the internet with is no face-to-face, relational connection?


Do you want the genuine, original HypnoBirthing course! By Marie Mongan 🙂

To recognize the internationally famous course, it will be run over FIVE SESSIONS, across five weeks. A bit like looking for the word “Kelloggs” on the pack.

Your practitioner will do at least three Hypnosis fear release and positive affirmation sessions with you (plus the usual entire antenatal education bundle)

Hypnosis is fun! and you get five sessions of it!

Now that’s LIFE changing stuff – that’s the REAL DEAL!

That’s what I call ……………………………………SNAP.. CRACKLE and POP !!!

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