1st Baby Testimonials:

“Very grateful to have HypnoBirthing techniques, the whole course was very useful and you cover a lot of things that prenatal class didn’t” ~Carol, Sydney

Recent Central Coast Birth Story, First Birth:

The HypnoBirthing Mongan Method course run by Natalie gave me a wonderful birth story – and it also changed my life. Natalie taught my husband and I life skills that we have applied with our parenting technique and in our work situations. The skills Natalie taught me for my daughters birth day were incredible and I pushed that baby out without any fear and when I reflect on labour I get excited because it was such a powerful experience and I credit Natalie for changing our attitudes about birth and for giving us the powerful tools and knowledge that made the journey such a special one! ~ Gemma, Central Coast

‘Thank you for introducing us to HypnoBirthing The Mongan Method, S**** came into the world by a drug free, vaginal birth with no interventions” ~ Mother, Newcastle

Anita and RosieFINAL

“My husband told me I looked like I was on drugs at some stages because I was so calm…” ~McKenna, Sydney

2nd Baby Testimonials:

“So relaxed, my partner had to check if I was still conscious. Head crowning before we even reached the room!” ~Vivi, Sydney

Vaginal Birth After Caesarean:

“Hi Natalie … we welcomed baby Charlotte into the world at 11.50pm last night. A short but intense 3.5hrs of surges, gas only. Was amazing. Thanks for all your assistance. Hubbie was a great support with breathing, flower visualisation and light touch massage. So happy I got to have a natural birth”

successful VBAC

Newcastle Birth Story, First Birth:

“S***** came into the world by a drug free vaginal birth with no medical interventions. The labour from start to finish was around 17 hours long with all of the excitement happening in the last hour and a half where I went from 4cm to bub in arms quickly. We were home 18 hours later. She is a very good, calm bub at home. Thank you for introducing us to HypnoBirthing. I know that going into the labour and birth 100% confident in my body (with zero fears or doubts) and using the techniques learned to stay relaxed and calm, played a vital role in our success.” ~ W*******, Newcastle