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From Natalie: The way I see my doula role.

Priority number one – To support your birth wishes.

Second top priority –  to keep your birth space undisturbed and unhindered.

Once a woman has her private, protected space she can then choose to relax and open her body to birth her child.

A woman instinctively wants her child safe and untouched as she imprints with her baby in the first hour and then also for the next 24 hours while establishing breastfeeding.

QUOTE: “A labouring woman needs to be protected from:  language (the main stimulant of the human neocortex): light (another stimulant of the cortex); the proximity of persons releasing adrenaline (adrenaline release is highly contagious),; inappropriate ambient temperature; and, any other situation or device that can give a laboring woman the feeling that she is observed…”

~ Obstetrician, Dr Michel Odent

At your birth my skill set and experience provide:

* A reassuring presence throughout (I have birthed naturally myself and have a strong belief and faith in the woman’s body)
* A calm, assertive communicator who is totally there to support your wishes (assisting you and your family to get the information, time and respect that you need to make fully informed decisions)
* A skilled counsellor (allowing you a safe space to speak and release fears and anxieties)
* A knowledgeable birth educator (explaining birth terms and jargon where required, reminding you of your bodies physiology and hormones and how they are functioning for birth, guiding you through all the recommended tools and techniques for labour)
* A caring presence (providing nurturing, patience, trust, faith, hope, warmth, unconditional love and acceptance).

* A clinical hypnotherapist! (assisting you to induce self hypnosis, deepen your state, alert where required and re-enter your state smoothly)

* A Belly Dance for Birth teacher (I provide dance instruction, music and scarves if you think it sounds like fun 🙂

* Sound tracks of positive affirmations for birth and relaxation music.


FEE Structure:

Due to a big break in my role as doula since 2012/2013, I am re certifying my credentials!


This means in 2018 I will be ready to support two women at the very affordable student doula rate of $250 for the entire package of support.

(3 pre birth visits at your home or hospital appointments, birth support as much as you want it, and two post birth support visits).


Normal fees:

Clients who are completing birth education with me (HypnoBirthing) (cost 550) add on the extra fee of 450 for my attendance as a Doula. (plus the five hypnobirthing classes, you will also get one pre-natal visit with me, plus birth, plus 2 post birth visits). (total cost 1000)

Normal doula fee is 1000. This includes: Three pre-birth visits at your home, attendance at your birth and two post birth visits.


Call and ask all your questions!

I highly recommend that you call and visit about three different doulas and follow your gut instinct about who you click with. It is vital that you feel comfortable with the people that you invite into your birthing space.

Natalie 0406 934 645


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