Meet Natalie


My Personal Journey….

My life has been a journey of self development and improvement.

I have always enjoyed being a natural leader, educator and people person.

Coming from an abusive home, naturally I have gravitated towards healing and caring professions.

As a six year girl I was abused by a caregiver and with a lack of reliable attachments that could protect me emotionally or physically, I had it tough.

I did what we all do and made sure I looked good on the outside. But inside I was struggling.

During my early adulthood I continued the pattern of my childhood abuse – self sabotaging.

Through various lessons (and many mistakes) – I came to see more and more the truth about myself.

I was not being good to myself and not in a place to be capable of truly caring for others. I was too busy just surviving.

When I stopped relying on crutches and I listened to my inner voice, I heard very clearly:

“I hate myself and wish I was dead”.

Wow, what a shock!

This sure explained a lot about my life and how I felt.

With wonderfully increased self-awareness, I was able to debate my old childhood self-talk and quickly change my life.

I became self loving, healthy and successful.

I now say to myself:

“I am glad to be alive and enjoy being kind to myself”

My life journey has brought me to be a self-aware, caring and present adult.

My life journey has seen me begin life on a dairy farm in Bellingen, visit over 15 countries of the world, leave Sydney, travel North via the Central Coast and finally settle with my Novocastrian Man!

With great work, enthusiasm and commitment, I have achieved an intimately rich family life – I have achieved my life long dream and goal.

A large part of my healing came through the opportunity for a natural, vaginal birth, breastfeeding and attachment parenting. This has shaped one of my biggest passions – birth education!

To see where this has recently led me, please visit The Hunter Birth Education Centre.

With all my extensive studies, skills and experiences, I now greatly enjoy supporting and educating others for positive changes.

I offer face to face sessions with individuals, couples, pregnancy, birth and families throughout various locations of Newcastle.

I strongly believe in team work.

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Phone: 0406 934 645 and ask for  Natalie.