What does Decisive Focus provide?

Through a combination of: counselling, education, hypnotherapy, and Natalie’s fun and easy going approach, clients and couples have been achieving happy transformations in their lives for over ten years.

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Clients go from thinking there is something ‘wrong’ with them – to being amazed at their inner strengths and personal value in the world and their own lives.

Clients that feel they ‘need’ a habit – feel powerful as they learn how to be free.

Couples go from bickering and stressed, or alienated and isolated – to communicating honestly and intimate.

Pregnant women go from anxious and nauseous – to feeling calm and knowledgeable.

Men go from stressed and worried – to feeling strong and assured.

Clients feel happy smiles on their faces – sometimes for the first time in months.


So, get decisive and focused today!

And take action getting support, Phone Natalie on 0406 934 645

Decisive Focus also provides the Highest Standard HypnoBirthing (The program from the creator and author of ‘HypnoBirthing The Mongan Method’)

Marie Mongans' Internationally renowned Textbook

Marie Mongans’ Internationally renowned Textbook